03 March, 2009

Sestra Peacock

Alex loves his sister missionary; look at how amazing she is.

This was her on Christmas day sporting her Christmas present.

"And last p-day, we went to Ptuj for Pust!  Okay, so the carnival was actually on Sunday, so we kind of missed the big stuff, but it was still super fun.  We went and had to find some Kurents.  They wear these big costumes made of sheep's wool with big cowbells aroudn their waists.  We heard them a few times around town and tried to chase them down, but lost them.  Then finally we found them and got to take pictures with them, so our excursion to Ptuj for Pust was complete!  Except we still needed fresh krof.  They're like beignets pretty much, but just with powdered sugar on top and thicker."

Andrea's first Baptism; FRANJO!