09 December, 2008

Alex:The Trend Setter-Not Really...

Cheers to Elyse for this questionnaire game who's @:

1. Where is Alex's cell phone?

  • In Alex's suitcase in his Parisian appartment; He's on Crete.
2. Where is Alex's significant other?
  • Exact location unknown, but somewhere in the Belgian or Dutch region. Or it could possibly be that Polish ice skater he hung out with in Rome.
3. Alex's hair color?
  • Dirty Blonde in Greece, Dark Brown in Utah
4. Alex's mother?
  • The world's number one art historian in Northern female artists.
5. Alex's father?
  • Get's on his nerve's alot, but loves him regardless.
6. Alex's favorite thing?
  • Barack Obama or Olympique Marseille
7. Alex's dream last night?
  • Alex has not remembered a dream since he was a child. He has only ever remembered two or three in his lifetime.
8. Alex's dream/goal?
  • Married to a European, and ambassador to France.
9. The room Alex's in?
  • A smoky but exciting cafe in a desolate town of Crete.
10. Alex's hobby?
  • Stain glass production.
11. Alex's fear?
  • Intimacy & Dick Cheney.
12. Where does Alex want to be in 6 years?
  • In Paris with his Polish/Dutch/Belgian wife and kids.
13. Where was Alex last night?
  • On a rocky yet gorgeous beach of Crete's northern coast.
14. What Alex isn't?
  • Forgiving, shy, humble or awesome.
15. One of Alex's wish-list items?
  • A girlfriend.
16. Where Alex grew up?
  • Orem, with Paris being his second home and attended some school in Vienna.
17. The last thing Alex ate?
  • Lamb Gyros.
18. What is Alex wearing?
  • Short beach shorts, leather sandals, and a traditonal Greek light cotton shirt.
19. Alex's TV?
  • His computer screen.
20. Alex' Pet(s)?
  • A lot of Greek stray dogs and cats, but used to have a goldfish for SEVERAL years.
21. Alex's computer?
  • Whatever this cafe has...
22. Alex's mood?
  • Flirtatious & Laidback
23. Missing someone?
  • His sister missionary whom he won't see for over 3 & 1/2 years; and his Polish girlfriend.
24. Alex's car?
  • His pair of Saucony's and occasionaly his Schwin road bike.
25. Something Alex is not wearing?
  • Underwear.
26. Favorite store?
  • Gamestop or Insport
27. Alex's summer?
  • Was spent going to school, yipee...
28. Love someone?
  • Kind of self-explanitory after reading the rest of the answers.
29. Alex's favorite color?
  • OM Blues
30. When is the last time Alex laughed?
  • 20 minutes ago watching Buster Bluth from Arrested Development curse out his mother.
31. Last time Alex cried?
  • He would be a macho and say men don't cry; but since I'm typing, last week, about...
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elysehawks said...

hey you...i blogged again. it is boring though. i don't have the writing skills you do. i have to tell you i went back and re-read your first kiss one. the imagery in it is great. sorry my blog will be boring for you to read...i will try harder.

you are awesome.

lauh-ren said...

why, thankyou. and i do love the questionnaire and third person going on in this post.

elysehawks said...

i know...i am lame. don't worry i really am not feeling like that all the time. i was just in a self pity mood. what can i say? i am lost without you. ha, no but really. you need to come back. write your blog about how lame i am. i love reading what you write.

lauh-ren said...

PS: whoa, you have twitter? i've been thinking of getting that

Mark said...

Hey! we're already here! We're here until the 4th. Where have you been? how come you haven't come over to my parents yet?

Bark said...

I read this so long ago, but never commented on it. Thanks Alex for the dedication thingy. If I ever do one of these you'll for sure be in the top whatever!

PS. I totally know what you're talking about in the last time you laughed. One of the funniest moments EVER! haha