12 February, 2008

Washington DC

Alex decided it was time for him to upload his DC pictures for everyone. He went to DC in the last week of November, and it was a blast. He would really want to live there for a while sometime. Check out his Picasa album for all the pictures.
Here he is the first night at the Iwo Jima memorial.
Alex stands in respect at JFK's graveside.
Here he is aboard a WWII navy vessel. Probably the 2nd coolest thing in DC was the Navy Museum.
Here is Mr. Miner's favorite food, Chinese. Alex didn't like it that much, but needed food anyways so ate a lot.
Here's the classic picture that every student group takes; looking down the Mall towards the Capitol building.
Here he is at the Capitol. "Chris Cannon, he's coming for you!"
This is him with John Adams, a significantly small memorial. (Not Quincy, Quincy was a douche.)
Here is Alex's favorite thing in DC, the FDR memorial. It is by far the coolest one there. It is all outdoors, and is rather large, but very enjoyable to walk through. It has all four of his term's represented in various ways and a bunch of timeless quotes from the man as well. He also just loves FDR.
Here is his favorite president of all time though. This is JFK's eternal flame. He is burried alongside his children and Jacquie his wife. Just down the hill is his martyred brother Bobby. Jack was an awesome man.
The last night of Alex's adventure. (He snuck out later though.) There is so much to see in DC.

Well, DC was fun, and very exciting for Alex. He wants to go back very soon and take his grandpa to the Navy Museum before he dies. Take a look at more pictures on Alex's DC album in Picasa.


Till next time...PAIX