17 January, 2008

Life continues on for Alex. He is going to go to Elko, Nevada on Friday and will meet Barack Obama. He has spent the last two weekends campaigning for him. He is so physced! He is doing fine in his new semester. He is taking Fashion Strategies which is pretty sweet. 20 girls and Alex, good odds I'd say. He got accepted into BYU last week, and is starting in the summer semester. He can't wait for college. He is so sick of high school and has been for a year and a half; mostly of girls, but nonetheless, school sucks.


Justin, Kalee, Jackson, and Ava Rose Peacock said...

We love your blog Alex! How many do you have now? Or are you just going to join them all together into one? Congrats on BYU! That is so exciting! Does this mean you will check our blog more regularly!? ha ha! We love you!
-Justin, Kalee, Jackson and Ava Rose

Effie said...

Hey Alex! That's great that you're helping out so much with the campaigning! Good luck at BYU!