28 January, 2008

Elko Endeavor

Look for Alex in the 3rd video to the left. He is wearing a scarf and blue fleece. He is on the 3rd row. He is taking a picture of Obama at the very first; after the Native American asks a question about the tribes.
Here is Michelle introducing her husband. She is way smart too.

Here is Theo, Nikki, Roger and I in the Elko office; we are celebrating our success in Nevada.

Alex met Michelle and Barack Obama this week. He got a speeding ticket on the way home from Winnemuccu Nevada. He loves his fashion strategies class, (it's pointless). He is setting up Obama for Utah. Obama is coming to SLC on February 2nd. He bought House season 1, and has a minor crush on Dr. Cameron. He went skiing yesterday, and watched Brother Jesperson break his ankle, and sprain the other; he also saw Brother Freestone break his collarbone. He can't wait to see Obama again; but in the mean time he was also called a terrorist, and accused of destroying America for his beliefs by a young men's leader of his. The leader was serious too; maybe Alex should take his yard signs down... Nah! 1st AMENDMENT RIGHT BABY!

25 January, 2008

Obama Campaigning

Alex has spent the last three weekends in Nevada campaigning. This last week, he helped Nevada's precinct captains run some caucuses in Winnemucca. Also, he got to meet both Michelle and Barack on Friday at Elko High School. Here are some pictures and videos from the eventful weekend.

17 January, 2008

Life continues on for Alex. He is going to go to Elko, Nevada on Friday and will meet Barack Obama. He has spent the last two weekends campaigning for him. He is so physced! He is doing fine in his new semester. He is taking Fashion Strategies which is pretty sweet. 20 girls and Alex, good odds I'd say. He got accepted into BYU last week, and is starting in the summer semester. He can't wait for college. He is so sick of high school and has been for a year and a half; mostly of girls, but nonetheless, school sucks.